I wrote this song about my brother. I think the song explains a lot on its own, but I’ll try to go into depth a little more. ┬áMy brother is probably one of the most caring people I know. He’s two years older than me and although we have our differences, I’ll always know that he will be there for me when I need him.

I think everyone goes through a time in their life where things just get really hard. Where doubting seems to become so much easier than believing because of the things we go through. It has been one thing after another for my brother. A broken heart, followed by some bad decisions, followed by losing someone, followed by just feeling stuck. It’s as if the world is against him right now. In this time of trial, sometimes we try to fill that emptiness will meaningless crap. Whether that be drinking, drugs, or broken relationships. It all leads to the same thing in my opinion, a bottomless hole in our hearts. Sometimes we give into the devil’s temptations, but God always gives us a way out of it. No matter how far away from him we feel. The chorus of this song simply says, “come home.” And that’s what I feel God is telling my brother. “Come home, son.” The devil has no grip other than the grip we choose to give him. If we give the devil an inch, he will steal a mile. When we live in sin, we allow the devil to come in and tell us we are no good. He places doubt in our minds, and corrupts our hearts. But this is the thing, all God wants is for us to fall on our knees and tell him “I’m home!” To confess we have been living in sin, and then to accept his grace and his mercy.

After finishing this song I just felt like there was something missing. Something wasn’t quite right. Every time I went to add a new part to it I just simply couldn’t. So I’ve come to a conclusion. The songs not finished because my brothers story isn’t quite done. Some day I will add to this song and truly finish it. And I can tell you now, it will be a happy ending. You know why? Because God always wins.

Here is the link to the song.


Tired eyes and a broken heart
Little boy I knew he’s all fallen apart
There you stand with weakened knees
But you’re still holding on to what you believe

“Son come home
Come home”

With your face to the floor
You say “oh God, I’m worn”
With your face to the floor
You say “oh God, I am worn”

And God says
“my son, come through these doors
Son come home
Come home”

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