Well, I’m happy to see that you have found your way to my blog/website. My name is Cameron Hall. I’m from Lancaster, PA and I love to write music about life. Now, I know when I read these “about” pages I get super bored after the first couple sentences about growing up in blah blah blah. So I’ll try to skip to the interesting parts. I graduated high school and decided to take a road trip around the country with two of my friends. So we did that, and now…well now I’m home. I’ve seen so much but feel as though I’m doing so little. I’ve decided to put my focus into music. Music is NOT my escape, music is my entrance. It’s my entrance into so many things. First off, my relationship with God. It’s how I connect and talk to him. Second, my relationships with people. It’s my way of entering a deeper understanding of the things that happen to/around me. Whether that be a romance, a friendship, or why my neighbor down the street mows his lawn in his underwear.


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