The Seed

The first song in this project is titled “The Seed.” This song has a lot of meaning behind it, and you can definitely tell in the lyrics. The song is basically a conversation between God and I. I ask if my longings for him are sincere, and if they aren’t, is that why I can’t feel his presence like I once did? I also question if we were born to just be witless beings that believe what they are told to, or if we are suppose to understand exactly what it is we believe.

I close the song with lyrics that basically just mean I’m left in awe of God. I realize that God doesn’t have to care about me, but he does. He wouldn’t have to provide the answers as to why he is God, but he has. God’s grace for us has no gates. He does not require something from me in order for him to accept me. This, more than anything, is what I find so unreal about God. I can ask all those questions and doubt him so often, but he still loves me. If somebody doubted me and questioned me, I would probably give them some attitude and tell them they aren’t worth my time. But that’s not God.

I named this song “The Seed” for many reason. First off, it’s the beginning of this entire project that I have started. I hope that many good things come out of this. More than anything I just want to grow personally, and I hope that other people can grow with me. Second, a question is always a seed in a sense. When we question something, we embark on an adventure of finding the answers. I hope to always ask the questions, and whether I not I find the answer isn’t the point. The adventure is what I’m after. One of my favorite artists “Sleeping at Last,” has a song lyric that says “life without revision will silence our souls.” I believe that with all of my heart.

Question everything; for maybe the adventure is actually the answer we seek.

I pray to you, but do I believe the words I say
I sing to you, but does the melody come from love or pain
Is it doubt my lord, that keeps you from the depths of my heart
Is it fear my love, that tames the passion deep within this soul

Cuz all you need is a seed and you promised our faith will grow
Have my roots dried out has the water lost its flow
Or maybe it's a choice I've made to give up and try this all on my own
Beneath the rubble of a boy is the heart of a man who won't give up hope(x2)

Is it your love that holds my fragile world in place
Are the answers I seek the very thing that makes me weak
Were we born to find the answers or created just to believe
If I could only see my purpose when the darkness finds its way into me

Is it the darkness that blinds me or the hope that I won't show
Am I ashamed of the God that's kept my heart whole
Its not the beat of a heart that makes you God of all
Your grace has no gates but my heart it seems to climb then fall(x2)

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